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Important Announcements - Updated 07/15/2016

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Timberlake Ranch Property Sales

The TRLA board is authorizing the following properties for sale to the general public.

The Properties - slide presentations of offerings

Cottonwood Dr - Unit 5 Block 10 Lot 22 on Cottonwood Drive - Timberlake Ranch - McKinley County

If interested, please contact Steve Wills at 505-783-2457 for information.

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Upcoming Events and Information

Neighborhood Watch Group Meeting - July 20, 2016 @ 6pm at the Ranch House

Extreme Fire Danger conditions at Timberlake Ranch. NO BURN ORDER

- This means no campfires, charcoal fires or any other flame producing items of any kind.  (LP Gas grills are ok, be careful of location when in use.)

- No cutting wood with gas powered chainsaws.

- Smoking only indoors or in enclosed automobiles.

- All gas powered vehicles may only be driven on designated roads. This includes quads. Hot tailpipes can start fires.


Please be safe and if you "See Something say Something"

Even if we get rain, the fire danger remains!

If you see smoke call 911 and report its location.

Newly updated and more inclusive information on:
Emergency Evacuation & Neighborhood Watch topics

Book Room Day changing

Timberlake Ranch House Book Room will be open on Thursdays 1-4pm.

Timberlake Ranch Fire Alert - 3/10/2016

The Timberlake Volunteer Fire Department responded to a fire on Quail Road today, March 9, 2016.  Unfortunately, the fire appeared to have been started intentionally.  Please be aware and report whenever you might be suspicious of a fire; such as smoke in the sky or smelling smoke in the air.  Do not assume that it’s a campfire or someone’s fireplace.  Please contact either Andy Wilson (783-4707), Bill Wolford (783-4112), or 911 and report the location.  If we hadn’t discovered the fire early, many acres would have been damaged and the fire would have been more difficult to put out.

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Thinking About Building?

Zuni Transfer Station update

Gallup Recyclng - how to…

Sincere thanks to Nancy Dobbs for reporting the fire and to Bill Wolford, George Dobbs, Wayne Ramm, and Mike Henderson for putting the fire out.  It is nice to see neighbors coming together to handle such situations.

Steven Wills

TRLA President

Email:  scw@hughes.net

Home Phone:  (505)783-2457

Cibola County CodeRed Emergency Notification Service