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Timberlake Ranch Property Sales

The TRLA board is authorizing the following properties for sale to the general public.

The Properties - slide presentations of offerings

Culebra - Unit 6 Block 19 Lot 09 on Culebra - Timberlake Ranch - McKinley County

Cottonwood Dr - Unit 5 Block 10 Lot 22 on Cottonwood Drive - Timberlake Ranch - McKinley County

If interested, please contact Steve Wills at 505-783-2457 for information.

Board Meeting Schedule @ TCC Ranch House 10am

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Information on Semi-Trucks Hauling Dirt on Timberlake Road
To All,

Timberlake landowners and especially those living along Timberlake Road have been experiencing several semi-trucks traveling up and down Timberlake Road multiple times a day. As the road has dried out, the dust these trucks generate has been staggering. Many landowners have been letting their concerns known to the Board and county agencies.

The semi-trucks traveling on Timberlake Road are hauling dirt out of a 70 acre land parcel in the Box S and delivering it to the Navajo Indian Housing Project near Lewis Trading Center approximately 3 miles East of Ramah on Highway 53. The housing project construction contractor purchased the 70 acre parcel and is contracting a trucking company in Gallup to haul the dirt. We believe this hauling project will be complete within 2 weeks. The situation got worse last week with the area drying out and dust being generated by these trucks. Concerned landowners and the board are trying to work with the county agencies and the contractor to better control the situation.

The following agencies have been contacted:

1. McKinley County Manager  2. Cibola County Manager

3. New Mexico Environment Department 4. New Mexico Mines

5. McKinley County Attorney  6. McKinley County Law Enforcement

At this point in time, we have an agreement with the contractor and the trucking company to have two water trucks watering the road daily when hauling is happening and that the trucks drive slower. If the agreement is not adhered to, we will be contacting the Environment Department and McKinley County Law Enforcement who will correct the situation. We are trying to make the best of this situation, but Timberlake Road is a public roadway easement and these trucks have the right to use it as long as they comply with all legalities. We are planning to continue communication with the construction contractor to understand his future plans for his 70 acre parcel. If you have further questions or concerns, please e-mail me or call the number listed below.

Steven Wills

TRLA President


Home Phone: (505)783-2457

Open Board Position

Do you want to make a difference here in Timberlake?  Have you leadership skills that you would like to share?  Do you have a desire to help make Timberlake a better place?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then please think about joining the TRLA Board.  

There is an open TRLA Board position that will expire in May 2018.  If you are interested in being a part of the TRLA Board, please let any board member know or call President, Steve Wills, at 505-783-2457.

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Dorn Andre Crowe         October 27, 1951 – September 30, 2015

  Dorn Crowe was a builder and a helping hand to the many friends and neighbors he had in Timberlake, Candy Kitchen, and Ramah where he lived for over thirty years. Dorn died peacefully in his home near Timberlake following his battle with throat cancer caused by his exposure to Agent Orange during his tour in Vietnam in the early 1970s. He was 63 years old.

  After Dorn graduated from high school in 1969, he joined the US Navy and was sent to Vietnam where he was awarded a purple heart. When he left the Navy he bought the 1973 Ford F250 truck that he drove for over 40 years. He loved his yellow truck!

   Dorn bought his first property in Candy Kitchen near Ramah, New Mexico. There he built his first home where he lived for seventeen years. Fourteen years ago Dorn bought his current property near Timberlake where he built his wood shop and another home and lived there until his death.

  During his many years in Candy Kitchen and the Timberlake area Dorn built many beautiful homes. Quality was always his objective and he earned a great deal of respect and many, many friends in the area as a result. These friends, along with his former wife, cared for him at the end. He was well loved!

  A Burial Service will be held at his home near Timberlake on Saturday, October 24 at 11:00 am, with a Memorial Celebration and Pot Luck to follow at the Timberlake Community Center.

   Donations may be made in Dorn’s name to American Legion Post 80 (Operation Wounded Warrior). They should be mailed to Frank Anderson, PO Box 2758, Milan, NM 87021. As a Vietnam Veteran, Dorn believed strongly in helping our veterans who are suffering from the effects of war, so your contributions will be greatly appreciated.

Cibola County Public Auction

Click to view the public auction notice posted here October 30, 2015.