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Timberlake Ranch Property Sales

The TRLA board is authorizing the following properties for sale to the general public.

The Properties - slide presentations of offerings

Cottonwood Dr - Unit 5 Block 10 Lot 22 on Cottonwood Drive - Timberlake Ranch - McKinley County

If interested, please contact Steve Wills at 505-783-2457 for information.

Upcoming Events and Information

Winter Driving Advice
This has been a very cold winter with more snow that we have had in years. With the snow comes lots of ice and frozen snow. There have been about a dozen accidents due to SPEED on these icy road conditions. PLEASE SLOW DOWN!!

Several vehicles have gone into the bar ditches, causing front end damage and with that a costly bill for the wrecker to come out and also for any repairs that will be needed. Please use good judgment when traveling on icy-snowy roads – We don’t want to have a loss of life or serious injuries to anyone or have someone freeze to death due to bad judgment. Prepare an emergency travel bag to carry in your car for any emergency.  Please click on the link below for information on what should be in your emergency bag/box.  

(You will need to Ctrl + right click of your mouse to open this link)  


    Choices, Choices, Choices--- You made a great choice on thinking about building a home in Timberlake!  Before you begin the process, we recommend that you have your property surveyed to alleviate problems later.

    There are many types of homes to think about:  Brick, block, wood frame, log, Deltec, dome, straw bale, adobe, metal and modular. All of these building types are here in Timberlake.  Just a reminder here, that we do not allow trailers for a residence, as per our CC&R’s.

    Do your homework on design, type and site layout. Spend time looking at your property as to views, access, water runoff, sunlight and where the well and septic system will be located.

    There are many good contractors in the area, ask around and get recommendations. Understand there is a big difference between a firm bid and an estimate. A bid is what the cost will be. An estimate is an approximate cost and can end up costing more. Any bid should not include the word "estimate" unless it specifically spells out what part is estimated. The contractor can ask for more money on an estimate and might file a lien if an agreement cannot be reached

    Get a clear understanding with your contractor(s) as any changes or add on's will cost money, so chose wisely. Remember to obtain the proper building permit(s) and get you plans approved by the TRLA building committee, they
 will check for property setback, size (over 600 sq. ft.) and conforms to all CC&R's.  Also, have all your plans approved by the New Mexico CID.  They will come out when called for all the various inspections.  Your contractor, plumber, and electrician should be familiar with them. Please be mindful of your neighbor and try to settle any concerns as to building location.

    Choices will be many: roof material, colors, building type, and plumbing materials (remember it gets cold here!).  Plan ahead as to size and electric requirements. Check with Continental Divide as to transformer size and what they will want as to meter pole location, etc. I recommend a 200 amp meter service panel as it will be expensive to go bigger later. I like Pex for plumbing as it is forgiving in case it freezes. Try to design your plumbing so that you can have a single drain point for ease in winterization.
  Go overboard on insulation as it will make your home more comfortable and reduce heating costs. Ask around and see what others would do different.

    Plan ahead as to septic system size (will you be expecting lots of company?) too small will cause problems.

    Need to clear your property or trim up trees? There is a burn pile for Landowners use. Please use it as burning on your property is not recommended and you certainly do not want to destroy the beauty here.

    Wells-- there are no guarantees as to depth, water quality, and gallons per minute or even success on hitting water. You may want to consider getting your well done first.  It is a major expense and getting that unknown out of the way first can give you peace of mind
.  My well is a little salty so we have to use bottle water for drinking purposes.

    Enjoy your journey and have patience and you will end up with a home to make your dreams come true!!

Open Board Position

Do you want to make a difference here in Timberlake?  Have you leadership skills that you would like to share?  Do you have a desire to help make Timberlake a better place?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then please think about joining the TRLA Board.  

There will be three board positions with terms expiring in May of 2016. If you are interested in being a part of the TRLA Board, please let any board member know or call President, Steve Wills, at 505-783-2457.

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