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$1500 AWARD
TRLA offers up to a $1500 reward for the arrest and conviction/fining of any person(s) involved in vandalism/break-ins/robbery/illegal shooting/poaching at Timberlake Ranch.

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Editor: David Skinner

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Congratulations Alice!!!

Member of our local community,
Alice Bybee, has passed her State Board of Nursing tests and now is officially a nurse. Congratulations Alice, now RN-80275. We're not surprised - just pleased - especially knowing how much hard work it represents YEA!.

Ramah Farmers Market
16th Annual 2014 Garden Tour

Come see the beautiful flower and vegetable gardens of Ramah grown this year despite everything!
Saturday, August 30th, 2:00 – 6:00 PM
For more information click here for flyer

Labor Day Barbecue

         Posted 8-25-2014) August 31st from 5-7pm, the Timberlake Neighborhood Volunteers will have their Annual Labor Day Barbecue and Silent Auction. All food provided by the Volunteers – ribs, chicken, brats, cole slaw, ranch style beans, garlic bread, watermelon and cookies. Over 100 items have been donated for the Silent Auction and can be previewed on Saturday after 10am at the TCC Ranch House. Come and celebrate the 2014 summer season finale!!!!!!

200+ items donated for the Timberlake Annual Volunteer Barbecue Silent Auction on Sunday will be on display for a preview Saturday at 10 AM at the TCC Ranch House.

Heightened Neighborhood Watch!!! neighborhood watch warning sign
Posted 7-14-2014
1. Please be on the lookout for a brown Subaru in Timberlake area. It has been observed going into private driveways and when confronted by landowners, it immediately retreats before a license plate number can be recorded.

  2. Three males dressed in black have been noted walking on back roads.

  3. There also has been a residence break-in along with vandalism.

Ramah Farmers’ Market Openings:

The Ramah Farmers’ Market is open every Saturday 10:00am-1:00pm through the beginning of October

The Market is located in downtown Ramah in front of the RAMAH MUSEUM, one block north of HWY 53 on BLOOMFIELD ROAD – Follow the signs! For more info call 783-4440

     Posted 2012) With such a diverse population of landowners, we all have at least one thing in common – a love of this place we call Timberlake Ranch. There must be many stories as how each of us discovered it. Please let us know how you came upon this beautiful setting hidden off of Highway 53. Was it word of mouth, advertisement or maybe just a wrong turn off the highway? There has been much interest and talk as to how we could chronicle the stories and share them – how many are similar and what are unusual. If you would please submit your story by mail to:
Nancy Wills
HC 61 Box 836
Ramah, NM 87321
We will compile the accounts and share “How Did You Get Here” in future Timberlake Times Newsletters. If you prefer to remain anonymous please let us know and we will honor your request when we publish our findings in the future.


Timberlake Neighborhood Volunteers HOME PAGE

Official opening of the new Ramah Mormon Hiking Trail was June 7, 2014

Built by Youth Conservation Core members, the trail runs along the top of the Hogback. Already, many Timberlake Ranch owners and friends are enjoying this wonderful new recreation asset for our local area next to Timberlake Ranch. READ MORE.

YCC volunteer trail builders

Click here to check out the new Facebook page created by a number of ranch residents, local friends, and neighbors of Timberlake.

~ a place where you will get to know your neighbors, in this our very diverse community.

~a place to feel free to share your thoughts, pictures, stories, poems, events, lost pets/found pets, and announcements.

Fire Adapted Communities® (FAC)

FAC is a collaborative approach to reducing wildfire risks throughout an entire community. FAC helps connect all those who play a role in wildfire preparedness with organizations and programs that provide comprehensive resources for their specific wildfire preparedness needs. FAC is powered by a coalition of the nation’s leaders in wildfire education, planning and preparedness. Visit their website HERE.

We Are All Friends of 53
      (Posted 2012)  The Highway 53 corridor through Cibola and McKinley Counties is among the most beautiful, historically significant, and culturally rich areas in the State of New Mexico. It is al so one of the most valuable assets of the County for generation of tourist revenue, and all the ancillary benefits such activity generates.
      The Highway corridor has received two special area designations from the State. It is a portion of both the Ancient Way Arts Trail and the Trail of the Ancients Scenic Byway. It falls within the National Geographic Four Corners Geotourism Region, one of only 17 such areas in the world. It contains two National Monuments, many businesses, and a number of growing communities, all dependent on the same factors that make it a strong tourist attraction.
“Friends of 53” is the name of an open group of individuals who have come together to work toward the protection, enhancement, and promotion of Highway 53. Click here to read more

Group off local hikers

Eleven happy local citizens
find out why--click here

Annual rummage sale

   (Posted 8-5-2014) The Timberlake Neighborhood Volunteers had their Annual Rummage Sale on August 2nd. A lot of friends of Timberlake Ranch found new homes for “stuff” that hadn’t been used for a long time.The successful sale earned $646 for the Neighborhood Volunteers. good goin'!!

Due to current drought conditions, the TRLA well will be closed, as of May 1st, 2014. The well will reopen when the region's water situation improves. The TRLA Bath House will remain open and operational. In an emergency, please contact a Board member. (Posted 4-20-2014)


Timberlake /Ramah News

Fostering community spirit and stewardship of the environment. 


The goal of TRnews.info is to provide independent news and useful information
for the Timberlake Ranch /Ramah, New Mexico area.TRnews.info is completely independent of
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