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Tim Amsden,
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$1500 AWARD
TRLA offers up to a $1500 reward for the arrest and conviction/fining of any person(s) involved in vandalism/break-ins/robbery/illegal shooting/poaching at Timberlake Ranch.

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Editor: David Skinner

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        Editor: Nancy Ramm

Tell Cibola County What We Need- Please!!!

      (Posted 4-17-2014) There was an “outreach” public meeting held Monday the 14th at the Old School Gallery by Cibola County to gather feedback for the amending of their Comprehensive Cibola County Plan. Some/many of you may have known about it through the front page article on this website. However, very few from our community were in attendance. You can still voice suggestions, concerns, ideas, etc. how the County could positively impact this area. In the last issue of the Timberlake Times it was spelled out how the Timberlake area is a high risk fire danger area and that egress roads are one of the major issues. We also have major communication problems with cell phones. Please take time and send an email or call the project coordinator. Cibola Co. Comprehensive Plan Coordinator: Judy Horacek email: jhoracek@co.cibola.nm.us PH (505.285.2557)

For more information, click the link to see the notice that we posted for the meeting that so many missed.

Group off local hikers

Eleven happy local citizens
find out why--click here

SINGER/SONGWRITER NIGHT! Sunday, April 20th @ 6pm

      (Posted 4-13-2014) $5 door, FREE to performers! Come join us for a creative evening of fun! We welcome to the stage anyone who has written a song, with the support of your fellow songwriters- in support of original works!  Set up in-a-round style, we welcome improvisation and layering by other musicians. 
Please call the Gallery at 783-4710 with questions, or to sign-up as a performer.

Docent training/Retraining Wednesday, April 9th @ 3 PM

      (Posted 4-4-2014) Wanna Docent for the Old School Gallery? Are you currently a docent who would like to learn how the Gallery has changed? Genevieve would love to walk you through and answer your questions this Sunday! Docenting is a wonderful way to support the Gallery! And all Artist docents get an additional 10% of all their Gallery sales. Please consider attending our training.

med flight logo

New air ambulance offer

     (Posted 2-20-14) Gallup Med Flight is a regional air ambulance provider that transports patients from rural medical facilities to larger hospitals with specialty care services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Membership covers medical necessary air medical transports completed by Gallup Med Flight by both fixed wing and rotor wing transports to the closest receiving hospital. They primarily serve northern NM, AZ and southern CA.  Headquarters are in Gallup.
Please contact Tiffany at 1-505-726-0053 for an application, or you can contact Wolf at the Ranch at 783-4112.  Applications are presently on the bulletin board by the Volunteer Fire Dept./mailbox area. Medicaid enrollees are not elligible.

PHI is also continuing service in our area; however, if either one is not available, they will not honor the other company's membership.  Wolf is encouraging everyone to have coverage from both companies. TRnews recommends that everyone check with their own existing insurance to see whether or not they are already fully covered for air ambulance services.
 Dept. of Justice Notice
  (Posted 2013) Along with many others, the editors of TRNews recently received a somewhat confusing legal document from the DOJ. The letter is regarding a sub-part of a sub-part of the Zuni River Basin litigation related to Navajo water rights. It is part of the interminable wrestling that will occur for many years, as the Navajo and Zuni Tribes get their water rights defined. We cannot be your lawyers and tell you what you should do with this. However, we have determined that this notice was sent because of legal requirements. Also, we have concluded that this procedure will not affect the use of our wells in any way and we aren't interested in challenging Navajo Tribal claim to a particular stock pond or stream or well on Navajo land and certainly have better things to do than attending a scheduling conference on November 26.   Since we have no anxiety about any of this we are ignoring it and taking no action.

Tim Amsden & Roger Irwin
, Editors, TRNews

(To follow previous comments with regard to water rights go to the "Archives" link this page.)


Timberlake Neighborhood Volunteers HOME PAGE

photo of Abert's squirrel
Abert's Squirrel
Photo 2014 by Marilyn Everhart

Saturday, April 19th 10am-3pm

      (Posted 4-2-2014) WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR A TRAILER to store early drop-off items for the week of April 12th-19th This is a great time to Spring clean~ please consider donating  items to our Annual Yard Sale!
We are also looking for volunteers to help clean up our 1 mile of Highway on April 19th.  Please call the Gallery at (505)783-4710 for details.

EL MORRO VALLEY RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL Saturday, May 3rd @ the Old School Gallery

      (Posted 4-2-2014) Sign up now to reserve a booth!  Just $10! Conduct a workshop!  Give a performance!  Juggle!  Whatever you do, come in costume! Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!  Come join us for a day of FUN!  Music!  Plant sale!  Seed Exchange!  May Pole!  Drumming! Spinning!  Blacksmith! Workshops! Performances!
Please call (505)783-4710 for details, or to reserve a booth, or to get on the list to conduct a workshop or give a performance.

Thank You,
TRLA & Ramah Fire Departments!!!

    The important stuff!!
    Our homes, our investment, and our beautiful land and trees need your help. Community service doesn't get better than this!
    Our firefighters are in need of more volunteers, anyone who is 16 years or older is welcome to join.  If you are interested in finding out more, please call 505.783.4704 in the evening and weekends or 505.870.4904 during the work day.

Fire Adapted Communities® (FAC)

FAC is a collaborative approach to reducing wildfire risks throughout an entire community. FAC helps connect all those who play a role in wildfire preparedness with organizations and programs that provide comprehensive resources for their specific wildfire preparedness needs. FAC is powered by a coalition of the nation’s leaders in wildfire education, planning and preparedness. Visit their website HERE.

We Are All Friends of 53
       (Posted 2012)The Highway 53 corridor through Cibola and McKinley Counties is among the most beautiful, historically significant, and culturally rich areas in the State of New Mexico. It is al so one of the most valuable assets of the County for generation of tourist revenue, and all the ancillary benefits such activity generates.
      The Highway corridor has received two special area designations from the State. It is a portion of both the Ancient Way Arts Trail and the Trail of the Ancients Scenic Byway. It falls within the National Geographic Four Corners Geotourism Region, one of only 17 such areas in the world. It contains two National Monuments, many businesses, and a number of growing communities, all dependent on the same factors that make it a strong tourist attraction.
“Friends of 53” is the name of an open group of individuals who have come together to work toward the protection, enhancement, and promotion of Highway 53. Click here to read more.

     Posted 2012) With such a diverse population of landowners, we all have at least one thing in common – a love of this place we call Timberlake Ranch. There must be many stories as how each of us discovered it.
Please let us know how you came upon this beautiful setting
hidden off of Highway 53. Was it word of mouth, advertisement or maybe just a wrong turn off the highway? There has been much interest and talk as to how we could chronicle the stories and share them – how many are similar and what are unusual. If you would please submit your story by mail to:
Nancy Wills
HC 61 Box 836
Ramah, NM 87321
lovintimberlake@hughes.netWe will compile the accounts and share “How Did You Get Here” in future Timberlake Times Newsletters. If you prefer to remain anonymous please let us know and we will honor your request when we publish our findings in the future.

Ramah Farmer's Market Web Site There's a revolution going on in the area of Ramah and Timberlake Ranch. Local growers of organic foods, delivery systems, and consumers of healthy locally grown foods have come together for the benefit of everyone. Check out the lively, informative web site and the link to "The Farmer's Beet" the bi-monthly newsletter of the Farmer's Market in Ramah, New Mexico.


     (Posted 3-22-14) Law enforcement has been notified that a Timberlake residence was forcefully entered during owner’s absence.  All residents are asked to be vigilant of their neighbor’s property and to watch for unusual activity and vehicles that don’t belong.

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