Timberlake Ranch CC&Rs


10-21-2021 Posting

As an additional way to serve our TRLA Landowners, the Board of Directors are proposing and will be discussing, upon return in February 2022, the changes to this policy statement. We hope you will find this a helpful way to stay informed.

This will be discussed at length, beginning February 2022 and we need landowner input on this topic.  

Policy Statement

Recreational use of Timberlake Ranch Property by non-landowners is strictly prohibited unless there is approval by the recreational lot landowner AND TRLA Board of Directors at least two weeks in advance.

Recreational landowners hosting non-landowners that are neither relatives or friends on their lot MUST inform the TRLA Board of Directors in advance for approval if they intend on not being present during the camping period at least two weeks in advance.

In the recent Landowners meeting a new CC&Rs Review Committee was formed: Andy Yearly, Julie Farrell and Killarney Martinez, Chaired by Maryann Armijo.  This Committee will review all reported potential CC&R violations.  If you have questions or concerns regarding a potential violation please address them to the CC&R Review Committee by sending an emaill to Maryann Armijo, TRLA vice president at maryarmijo611@gmail.com  Information for the individual submitting the report of potential CC&R violations will be kept confidential amongst the Board. Mail all Concerns and Violations to TRLA HC61 Box 767 Ramah NM 87321. Attention Maryann Armijo.