Rosie Alert


Linda Pedersen and Danny Montoya established a phone/e-mail tree with all full time Timberlake residents. This establishes a first response team to alert other full time residents of lost pet(s). The team is creating a photo bank of Timberlake Ranch pets (horses, cats, dogs, etc.) for making and posting flyers in strategic locations.

Contact Rosie Alerts by phone at 520-373-2992.

Contact Rosie Alerts by email HERE.

April 7, 2015

Easter morning landowners on Sunflower found their pet dog shot along with a crushed pelvis outside their driveway gate. The pet had to be euthanized after evaluation by Veterinarian in Grants.

As much as we all try to keep our pets within our boundaries, they do escape on occasion. Rosie Alert was started for this exact reason. It helps to locate owners of lost pets or alerts the community that a pet is missing.

It is difficult to understand what would provoke someone to purposely kill someone’s pet. The only reason for discharging firearms in Timberlake is to protect property from attacking animals.